The Rummage Sale Returns

It's back!

Frankfort Church Rummage Sale
Sat, Oct 4

All sorts of goodies will be on the tables--household items, kitchen items, books, movies, holiday decorations, home decor. (No clothing!)

Snacks will also be for sale ... in case you get hungry while you shop!

If you'd like to donate items for the sale, please let Ruth Zakutney know: 724-947-3672. (They can be dropped off the week before the sale.)

How to Read "The Story"

Hopefully, on this blog, you'll find everything you need to get ready for our ADVENTURE through "The Story," the seamless store of God's amazing love for you!

(Reading this post is a great way to get started.) 

We'll be blogging our way through "The Story" right here. Feel free to follow along and comment as we post questions, reflections, and even a sermon or two along the way.

(This will be especially helpful for those of you who are "playing along at home." We hope to build a little on-line community to help you feel connected and to encourage you to keep on reading!)


National Speaker in Our Backyard!

Sun, Sept 21 @
Paris Presbyterian Church

Come and hear a powerful testimony of conversion!

Warren Marcus is a Messianic Jewish Believer in Yeshua since October 1974. His fundamentals are based in loving God with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength and his neighbors as himself. He is the Director / Producer of the Sid Roth Show called "It's Supernatural," the #1 Christian TV series in the world. Marcus was the creator of the popular Children's cartoon Series "Superbook" and "The Flying House" both were the first Christian animation ever for CBN.


How to Read "The Story"

Ready to jump in to "The Story" but you're not sure where to begin?

Relax. And check out this blog that will guide you along step-by-step!