Unglued: A Retreat for Women
(Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions)

Saturday, October 11 
Raccoon Park Rec Hall
$20 (including lunch)

Hosted by Sharon Church
Led by Rev. Allison Bauer
(Frankfort Church)


In her book Unglued, author Lysa TerKeurst writes, “Feeling unglued is all I’ve ever really known. And I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s all I’ll ever be.”

Her solution to feeling UNGLUED and conquering her emotions when they boil over? IMPERFECT PROGRESS—not instant progress, not quick fixes. Slow steps of progress wrapped in God’s amazing grace. 

Discussion topics will include: “I’m Not a Freak-Out Woman,” “What Kind of Unglued Am I?”, and “It Isn’t All Bad.” 

We’ll also talk about our REACTION TYPES and how we can use our emotions as INDICATORS, NOT DICTATORS. 

Join us as we start the journey toward imperfect progress! 

Download a flyer/registration form HERE.  (Registration and money due by October 1.) 



Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with GOOD.   (Romans 12:21)


Back to Church Sunday & Ice Cream Social

Join us on September 14 for "Back to Church Sunday"--

whether you've missed a couple of Sundays,
been gone for the summer,
or haven't gone to church for years,

11:00AM worship
12:00PM ice cream social
(bring your favorite ice cream topping to share!) 




Worship @ 10:00am.
The challenge is on @ 11:00am! 

Donate $1 for a small cup OR $5 for a big one ... then dump it on her head!

Many of you have probably seen the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has taken over the internet in the last couple of weeks. It has raised not only awareness of Lou Gehrig's Disease--which so far has no cure and is an excruciating death for its victims--but it has also raised $50 million dollars and counting. (You can read more about ALS here.) 

The way the challenge works is this: once you are nominated, you can either dump a bucket of ice water on your head and donate $10 to an ALS charity OR skip the ice and donate $100 to an ALS charity. Photographic or video evidence posted on a social media network is required. Once completed, you nominate three other people to complete the challenge. 

Allison been nominated by two fellow pastors (Cindy McClung and Matt Camlin) as well as Frankfort's very own Mandy Schuler. And they have tried and tried and tried, but Rocky (he dog) just can't get the hang of the camera. So she need YOUR help completing this challenge! 

Tomorrow at Frankfort Church, we'll gather for worship at 10:00AM, and the challenge will begin at 11:00AM. We'll need folks who are willing to take pics and video! AND ... you can get involved to by donating ($1 for a small cup, $5 for a large cup) and dumping it on her head! 


Make the Ordinary Come Alive

(From this.)